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10 Days Journey
Towards Fulfillment

For Teens 

10 Days Journey Towards Fulfillment


About The Course

This course is an extension of the book with the same title; Locating & Fulfilling Your Assignment.


It is designed to encourage, equip, and empower Christians with what they need to secure their identity, identify their assignment, and channel their passion by asking the 8 Destiny Questions.


The purpose of this course is to provide you with practical steps to help you:

  • Identify your assignment

  • Define your purpose

  • Clarify your motive

  • Determine your audience

  • Ascertain your location

  • Discern your timing

  • Document your process

  • Pinpoint your action and

  • Recognise the support you require towards fulfilling your assignment


*YOU WOULD NEED A COPY OF THE BOOK: Locating & Fulfilling Your Assignment to join this course.* PURCHASE YOUR COPY HERE

Daily Focus: 

  1. Locating and Fulfilling Your Purpose – Introductory Chapter – 5WsHNS 

  2. What on Earth Am I Doing? – Answering the Purpose Question - ‘WHAT’

  3. Am on Purpose for A Purpose – Answering the Motive Question – ‘WHY’

  4. I Am Called to Reach You – Answering the Audience Question – ‘WHO’

  5. Locating the Place of your Assignment – Answering the Location Question – ‘WHERE’

  6. Now is the time for me – Answering the Timing Question – ‘WHEN’

  7. How to fulfil your calling – Answering the Process Question – ‘HOW’

  8. I will arise and fulfil my calling – Answering the Action Question – ‘NOW’

  9. Locating Your Destiny Helpers – Answering the Aid Question – ‘Support Required’

  10. I know who I am – Answering the Identity Question – ‘I AM’



What You Will Gain: 

  1. Identify your assignment

  2. Define your purpose

  3. Clarify your motive

  4. Determine your audience

  5. Ascertain your location

  6. Discern your timing

  7. Document your process

  8. Pinpoint your action and

  9. Recognise the support you require

  10. Reaffirm your identity 

*YOU WOULD NEED A COPY OF THE BOOK: Locating & Fulfilling Your Assignment to join this course.
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