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Is Your Book Ready?



Is Your Book Ready? Unlock the Secrets to Successful Publishing

Are you an aspiring author with a powerful message, specialised knowledge, or a unique story to share? Join our FREE 1-hour webinar and take the first step towards making your publishing dreams a reality!


We understand the challenges faced by first-time and experienced authors alike, and our team of publishing experts is here to help. In this interactive webinar, you'll learn invaluable tips and strategies to ensure your manuscript is polished and ready for publication.

  • Learning Objectives
    At the end of the course, you will be able to: Identify your assignment Define your purpose Clarify your motive Determine your audience Ascertain your location Discern your timing Document your process Pinpoint your action and Recognise the support you require Reaffirm your identity In addition, you will produce your own manifesto - a written document about your assignment / purpose that you can always refer to as you continue on your journey to fulfillment.
  • Course Module
    Day 1 - Locating and Fulfilling Your Purpose – Introductory Chapter – 5WsHNS Day 2 - What on Earth Am I Doing? – Answering the Purpose Question - ‘WHAT’ Day 3 - Am on Purpose for A Purpose – Answering the Motive Question – ‘WHY’ Day 4 - I Am Called to Reach You – Answering the Audience Question – ‘WHO’ Day 5 - Locating the Place of your Assignment – Answering the Location Question – ‘WHERE’ Day 6 - Now is the time for me – Answering the Timing Question – ‘WHEN’ Day 7 - How to fulfil your calling – Answering the Process Question – ‘HOW’ Day 8 - I will arise and fulfil my calling – Answering the Action Question – ‘NOW’ Day 9 - Locating Your Destiny Helpers – Answering the Aid Question – ‘Support Required’ Day 10 - I know who I am – Answering the Identity Question – ‘I AM’
  • Course Duration
    LIVE SESSIONS Commitment breakdown for the LIVE Sessions 1 hour a day to listen to the podcast, do the workbook homework, and read a chapter of the book, Locating & Fulfilling My Assignment by David Adabale ​ 1 hour to be at the daily LIVE online interactive session to ask questions and engage in discussion SELF-PACED AUDIO & VIDEO Commitment breakdown for the Self-Paced Study 1 hour a day to listen to the podcast or video (which ever option you go for), do the workbook homework, and read a chapter of the book, Locating & Fulfilling My Assignment by David Adabale​
  • Course Materials Needed
    You would need to get the following before starting the course. Click the link below for the book: Locating & Fulfilling Your Assignment e-Book OR Paperback AND Click the link below to purchase the Fulfillment Course - Level 1 Workbook e-Workbook Workbook OR Paperback Workbook
  • Course Fees
    LIVE SESSIONS The LIVE package includes live sessions delivered via Zoom with experienced mentors and costs £199.99. SELF-PACED VIDEO The Video package includes video recordings of the course sessions and costs £99.99. SELF-PACED AUDIO The Audio package includes audio recordings of the course sessions and costs £49.99.
  • Is The Course Certified?
    LIVE SESSIONS Yes, if you go for the LIVE session option, you will receive a digital certificate of completion on your graduation. Yes, there will be an online held graduation after you have completed the 10 Days course. SELF-PACED For the self-paced option, there are currently no certificate of completion offered. However, you will receive an online badge on your profile to show you have taken the course.
  • Is there a final project for the course?
    Yes, you will need to produce a manifesto video from a written document that clearly states the purpose of your life. and learning outcome of your training.
  • Can I connect with other participants and a mentor?
    Yes, you will have the opportunity to connect with other participants and a mentor who can help guide you on your journey towards fulfillment. In addition, upon completion of your course, you will be added to the Fulfilment Partners Group, a network of like-minded individuals who have also completed the course and are on the journey toward fulfilling their purpsose.
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🔑 What you'll learn:

  • How to assess whether your book is ready for publication

  • The importance of identifying your target audience and creating buyer personas

  • Tips for refining and polishing your manuscript

  • The ins and outs of the publishing process, from submission to marketing

  • Strategies for overcoming common challenges and setbacks


💡 Who should attend:

  • First-time authors looking to share their special message or specialised knowledge

  • Experienced authors seeking to refine their approach and reach a wider audience

  • Legacy writers aiming to preserve their wisdom for future generations


🚀 Why you should attend:

  • Learn from industry experts with a wealth of publishing experience

  • Discover practical tips and strategies to get your book published

  • Connect with like-minded authors and expand your network

  • Transform your passion project into a published masterpiece

No upcoming events at the moment

🔔 Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from the best in the business and take your manuscript to the next level. Register now to secure your spot in one of our three available webinar sessions!


You only have one life to live and one is enough if you live it well. - David Adabale

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