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Are you ready to impact the next generation with your experience?

Do you believe that your life is an answer to somebody’s question and solution to somebody’s problem? The answer you give and the solution you provide is ‘book worthy’ and the next generation needs your wisdom.


About The Book
Writing For A Legacy

Preserving your knowledge, experience, and inspiration for posterity.

‘Writing for a legacy’ is a simple and easy-to-read guide on how to get the necessary help towards writing a book. Furthermore, you will be inspired by practical examples of how you can keep your legacy going after the release of your book.

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This Book Will Help You

  • Help you identify what you can offer the next generation 

  • Show you how to get the help you need towards writing your book and 

  • Provide you with a simple system towards keeping your legacy going

About The Author

David Adabale is a Media Consultant, Author of 7 books, a Conference Speaker, and community leader. David is very passionate about inspiring others to live a life of purpose, fulfillment & legacy. His practical, passionate, and authentic teaching style as well as coaching session truly inspires his audience to fulfill their purpose. 


He has over 20 years’ experience in leadership. He is currently the Associate Pastor at New Wine Church, London, where he is involved in the administration and global operations of New Wine International across 8 countries in 4 continents.


David is also the founder of DA Academy; an organisation that run training programs towards helping people live a life of purpose, legacy, and Fulfilment.

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"Leaving a legacy is like a relay race; in which you run your race well and pass on the baton effectively to the next generation for posterity."

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